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A build-up of chemicals and hair products can affect scalp PH and sebum production, leading to clogged pores, scalp inflammation and follicle damage. All of these issues can lead to delayed hair growth and/or hair loss.

Just like you exfoliate your face (facial), your scalp (which is skin) can benefit from the removal of dead skin cells, dirt, dandruff, dry flaky skin, oil and product buildup. 

Exfoliating the scalp/skin is the process of removing dry/dead skin cells on the surface of the scalp/skin and is a very important aspect of creating an environment for healthy health growth.  Exfoliation not only helps in treating many scalp/skin problems, (such as, dandruff, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema and dry, flaky, itchy and/or irritated scalp), it also increases blood circulation, which in turn helps you to achieve healthy scalp/skin.

How often should you Exfoliate

We suggest exfoliating 1x a month.  Avoid over exfoliating. Yes, it is important to remove dead skin cells but, it’s also important not to strip away too many of the natural oils, so a good balance is essential.

After You Exfoliate

Shampoo & deep condition the hair & scalp:  For optimum results use a sulfate free shampoo and moisturizing conditioning.  We recommend our 3 STEP SCALP EXFOLIATION SYSTEM.

Apply a good moisturizer:  Moisturizing forms a barrier film on the skin’s surface in an effort to prevent moisture loss.

Drink plenty of water:  Exfoliation increases blood circulation, and breaks down toxins so that new skin cells can surface.  So, drinking water, drains the toxins and nourish the new skin cells from the inside out.

Scalp exfoliation makes your scalp/skin an ideal environment for healthy hair growth!

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